TerraMaster F5-221 NAS 5-Bay Cloud Storage Intel Dual Core 2.0GHz Plex Media Server Network Storage (Diskless)


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  • Memory Size: 2GB
  • Transmission Speed: 200MB/Sec
  • Package: Yes
  • Model Number: F5-221
  • Interface Type: Port RJ-45
  • Capacity: > 8TB
  • Brand Name: TERRAMASTER
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE,FCC

Small, Light, and Powerful

  • TerraMaster’s F5-221 5-bay NAS unit comes with an Intel Apollo J3355 dual-core processor, a frequency of up to 2.0 GHz, a read speed reaching 200MB/s, and a write speed reaching up to 190MB/s. For stable and better performance, pleaese use WD Reds or Seagate IronWolfs.

  • These devices are compatible with both AES hardware encryption and 4K HD video transcoding, making the F5-221 an ideal candidate for home multimedia entertainment and small office applications.

Enhance the Safety of your Data with a Next-Generation File System

  • Superior storage technology and optimised snapshot technology are the cornerstones of the Btrfs file system, which is what TerraMaster’s F5-221 5-bay NAS unit relies on for advanced data protection, prevention of data corruption, and minimal maintenance expenses. Use of this file system promotes high data integrity, all the while promoting flexibility and efficiency in the areas of data protection and data recovery.

  • Optimised snapshot technology generates 1,024 snapshots for every shared folder, and up to 71,680 overall system snapshots. In this way, users can benefit from flexible, storage-saving data protection.

  • Since data recovery takes place at the file or folder level, businesses can also benefit from enhanced flexibility and efficient data recovery.

  • Intel Apollo J3355 dual-core 2.0 GHz CPU

  • Two Gigabit LAN Ports, 200MB/s reading and 190MB/s writing

  • 2GB DDR3 memory (expandable up to 4GB)

  • Two USB 3.0 ports


4K Ultra HD video transcoding

The F5-221’s live hardware transcoding of up to two concurrent 4K video transcoding provides hassle-free and high-quality video playback among various devices including high-definition TVs, digital media players, mobile handsets, and computers in the required format, making it easy to watch your entire multimedia library without having to install a 3rd party player.

It’s recommended to use the NAS server in wired mode to ensure stable and fast speed. For the wireless mode, please use the USB WIFI dongle with the Realtek RTL8812AU chip in Dual Band 1200M.

A Private Space in the Cloud

  • TNAS offers users the opportunity to establish a personal cloud drive that satisfies their remote access needs.

  • Rights of access can be tailored for your colleagues, relatives, or friends, and with support for two-way sync cloud drive, enjoying the benefits of convenient cloud life has never been easier.

  • Please ensure the popup window is not blocked by the browser when configuring the sync apps.

A Wealth of Business Applications

  • TOS’s enterprise version is compatible with numerous business applications.

  • Operating a single TNAS device offers significant benefits when compared to the use of multiple devices, including file servers, mail servers, web servers, VPN servers, DHCP servers, DNS servers, Rsync remote servers, FTP servers, and MySQL servers.

A Variety of Backup Methods

  • Supports Apple Time Machine, Rsync, and Remote Backup support.

  • Supports third-party backup solutions, Cloud Sync Dropbox synchronization.

  • Superspeed USB3.0 interface supports external storage backup. All kinds of drive formats including but not limited to EXT4, EXT3, FAT, NTFS, HFS+ are supported.

Enjoy thousands of containers on Docker

  • Users can capitalise on Docker, a lightweight software containerisation solution, to operate numerous TOS-based containers.

  • These containers have been developed by leading practitioners in the international community, all of whom have benefitted from the advanced technology. With Docker Hub, a wide-ranging built-in image repository, users can access shared applications from other developers in the community.


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